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  • Douglas Baldwin
  • Gerald Barton
  • Keith Brant
  • Doris Brown
  • Elizabeth Brown
  • Eugene Brown
  • Anna Bailey Clark
  • Robert Chipman
  • Mary Glinsky
  • Allen Haresign
  • Connie Heppell
  • Kathie Hofmann
  • Gary Ingersoll
  • Leon Kimball
  • Craig MacMillian
  • Jan Mileskey
  • Karla Nothaft
  • Debra Bellman Palmer
  • Karen Pierce
  • Robert Phillips
  • Robert Simpkins
  • Jane Sivers
  • Linda Stacy
  • Trudy Stanard
  • Linda Vincent
  • Leigh Wilcox

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50th REUNION - CLASS OF 1968

G. Ray Bodley High School
Fulton, New York

50th Reunion to be held August 3rd & 4th, 2018.   If you did not receive the October information letter, please email joankfoster@aol.com


The Class of 1968
50th Reunion Planning is Under Way!

November update on attendance and activity interest. So far we have 47 attending the reunion dinner with 6 interested in golf, 17 interested in the Sunday morning breakfast, and 18 interested in the school tour. And it's only November!

Calling all members of the GRB Class of 1968! We are getting ready for our Big, Big reunion next year. Our reunion will start the night of August 3rd, 2018 with an ice breaker at Kristin's Kitchen, the restaurant at Battle Island Golf Course. On August 4th, the celebration will continue with tours of G. Ray Bodley HS and the old Fulton High School with dinner and music that evening at The Fulton Polish Home. Plans are still incomplete for a possible golf outing on Saturday afternoon and a gathering for breakfast on Sunday morning. We will be sending out more information soon. Please share this so we can get the word out. Thanks and wishing everyone well. Pictured above are reunion committee members: Joanne Arduini Mckinney, Daryl Baldwin Cobb, Mary Manzer Tetro, Joan Heretyk Foster, Veronica Licciardello LaBarge, Karen Ostrander Chiarella, Sharon Geers Butler, and Marjorie Bickford McEwen.


The Class of 1968
45th Reunion Celebration

Almost 40 members of the Class of 68 gathered at the Fulton Elks Club on Saturday, August 10th to celebrate the 45th anniversary of their graduation from G. Ray Bodley HS. The group enjoyed a gorgeous summer afternoon and feasted on a chicken barbecue. Organizer Gay Musumeci and the organizing committee did a great job at putting together a very enjoyable afternoon complete with live music. Gay led a short program in which members of the class who had served in the armed forces were recognized, as well as a memorial service recalling classmates who had passed away. Joan Foster won the 50/50 raffle, with the proceeds going to the planning for the 50th reunion in 2018.

40th Reunion Celebration
 We had a great time at the 40th Reunion Weekend. Many thanks to the reunion committee for the hard work that made the weekend so enjoyable. There were approximately 90 partiers at both the Friday night ice-breaker at Battle Island and the Saturday evening dinner dance at the Riverside Inn. Many laughs and good stories were shared by all. It was a time to learn what everyone has been doing, as well as to kick back and dance up a storm. Gay Musemeci did prove to be the one who could still twist all the way to the floor. Everyone is already talking about our next reunion, possibly a 45th.
 The picture above and all of the other pictures taken by Tom Tryniski can be downloaded at fultonhistory.com/1968 reunion.html or ftp://fultonhistory.com


Anyone with comments or questions on the reunion is invited to write Joan Heretyk Foster at joankfoster@aol.com